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My names are Wealth Israel, I am a Digital Entrepreneur and a Cryptocurrency Consultant. This year (2017) makes it exactly 10 (ten) years of exploring opportunities in the internet industry.

I decided to share the most important lesson I learnt within these years…….

I thank God that majority of Nigerians and people from other developing countries are coming to the realization of the need to leverage on opportunities in the internet.  Sincerely, the internet is amongst the three richest industries in the world where one can get rich overnight and this desire to make it big online has made majority of persons fall into the hands of scammers, dubious online schemes and have witnessed terrible losses to the point of losing all interest in anything online business.

Why did this happen and still happening? It is due to the lack of proper information and investment orientation.

Now how do people become multi millionaires online??

Answer: Internet Booms!!!!!

Within the past 10 years there have been several market booms online. A Boom is a state where majority of the public comes to realize an opportunity and thereby decides to key into it…..But the truth remains that those who actually make the Big Fish are those who got the Information first hand and takes advantage of it while others are still speculating.

In this 21st century, “Information is Key”, key to unlock your financial doors! What makes 10% of the world in control of 90% of the world’s money is what these 10% knows that the rest don’t know.     We have witnessed several booms in Nigeria such as the Forex BOOM, Online Gaming and the most recent Peer to peer donation schemes etc.  Can you have a rethink of when you actually said to yourself that?? Assuming I joined this opportunity earlier on when I was told I would have made millions by Now??? You later joined and it turned sour!!! Oops really bad I feel so sorry about that the feeling is mutual……The Word “business” is defined as the buying and selling of goods and services in order to make profit, business also means trading. So when you hear the word online business it means online trading. Any online opportunity that does not fit into this category is a SCAM!!!!

Now the question is: what are you trading online????

As my birthday approaches I have decided to create a Free Millionaire Mentorship Class which will run for some months where I will be training those willing to be guided by me to becoming Millionaires Online, I will be showing what the next Boom is and how to maximize the opportunity to become a Millionaire……. Join the group link below and get mentored.

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Author: Oghale Wealth

WEALTH ISRAEL is an Online Entrepreneur, a Business coach and a digital marketing strategist at Gong Digital. He has more than 10 years experience of turning his failures into a full success blast. Most of his mentees call him “The Million Dollar Boss”. His zeal is just so contagious that you will have no option than to start smashing a 7-figure income. He is also a Cryptocurrency enthusiast and veracious investment promoter.